Cultural Activities

Immerse yourself in Hawaii's rich and diverse culture through activities both on property and within the community. The Prince Waikiki offers on property Hula and Tai Chi lessons and weekly Health Walks! Want to explore Oahu? Click here to visit our Event Calendar.

Pua Mau Loa

To return something to its home, is truly a gift within itself.

In the Hawaiian culture, it is tradition to return gifts of nature such as flowers back to the 'aina after we have used them. Give back to the 'aina (land) with your lei or flower as these gifts will be nourished back into the soil to grow back into their beautiful and natural state.

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Hula Lessons

Hula is a physical expression of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Paired with mele, Hawaiian song or poetry, hula honors, perpetuates, and preserves the stories, traditions, and culture of Hawaii.


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Tai Chi Lessons

This form of "meditation in motion" is rooted ancient Chinese tradition. The martial art has shown to improve balance control and flexibility while also alleviating stress and anxiety. Tai Chi is considered safe for all ages as it is gentle on muscles and joints and great for circulation.

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Health Walk

Rise with the sun and embrace its gentle rays during the weekly Health Walk. Benefits of this light exercise include: improved circulation, strengthening of bones, lightening of mood, and a better night's rest. Join us for a brisk morning walk through the surrounding areas of Waikiki.

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Enjoyed the weather and the people.The hotel was good as well. Worth the visit and would recommend. The culture was really fun and upbeat. Would look forward to going again one day but maybe staying longer.

Suezan J. | Canada